How to Manage BEP2 tokens

In this article, we will talk about how to get your token listed with the help of Binance chain web wallet. This is the latest feature of

Issue BEP2 Token

Go to home page of Binance chain mainnet/testnet. In this example, we will use testnet as an example.

Choose "Governance" >> "Token Management"

Click "Unlock Wallet"; Choose BEW

After successfully get connected with your wallet, you will be redirected to the token management page.

Click on "Issue Token" button and you can see the page for adding new BEP2 assets.

Fill in essentials information of your BEP2 token

  • Token Symbol: symbol should be alphanumeric and length is limited to 3~8

  • Token Name: token name is limited to 32 characters

  • Total Supply: the total amount of token issued

  • Mintable: if your token is inflationary, then check this box

Manage Supply of BEP2 Token

  • Burn Tokens

Submit a Listing Proposal Request

Requirements: you need to have at least 1005BNB to submit a proposal.

Note: please read this document to understand the on-chain governance of Binance Chain before you send your proposal:

Please test your commands on testnet before executing them on mainnet. If you are testing your proposal on testnet, please set your init price to 1BNB and set a short voting period, like 2 hours. Read more:

  1. In My Token List page, click on proposal button

As shown in the example above, you need to fill the following information:

  • Title: it should indicate the trading pair

  • Description: This part is optional. You can add more details.

  • Quote Asset: If you plan to add the first trading pair, you should set it to BNB. After the pair is created in BNB market, you can choose to list against BUSD or other stable coins.

  • Initial Deposit: the deposit should be larger than 1000

  • Init Price: the price should be the fair price of your token against BNB

  • Voting Period: You need to leave validators enough time to vote for your proposal.

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