Binance Bridge History Page

Order History

List of ststus:

  • Completed: The order completed and the assets transferred into the wallet successfully.

  • Cancelled: Because of time out user has not received his token but deposit happen

  • Failed: transaction does not happen and the token is still in the user's original wallet.

  • Waiting for Deposit: transaction does not happen

  • Waiting for Confirmations: transaction is on process on source network

  • Remitting: transaction is on process on destination network

Refund History

These records can be included in the following cases:

1. Cancelled swap order

2. Duplicated deposit

3. Deposit to the wrong address by mistake

List of status:

  • Refunded: Assets have been refunded to the user's original wallet

  • Refunding: Assets will be refunded to the user's original wallet

  • Pending: there is an incoming transaction

  • Rejected: Asset cannot be refunded, please contact customer support.